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Influenza vaccination rates among Health Care Workers (HCWs) in Pennsylvania remain suboptimal (<60%).  The Healthy People 2020 objective is to increase influenza vaccination rates among Health Care Workers to 90% or higher.

Very few hospitals or health care facilities in Pennsylvania have near-universal (>90%) vaccine uptake among HCWs. Beginning in the 2011/12 influenza season, the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PADOH) is spearheading a campaign to promote influenza vaccination among HCWs.

As part of this campaign, 10 regional trainings for hospitals and long term care facilities were conducted across Pennsylvania during June and July 2011 to orient hospital administrators, infection control practitioners, employee health and patient safety practitioners on how to improve seasonal flu vaccination among employees, with a specific focus on the experience of a range of institutions with mandated programs already in place. See training sites and content under the “Training: Jun-Jul 2011″ tab above.

The PADOH – Bureau of Epidemiology engaged the Center for Vaccine Ethics and Policy (CVEP) (University of Pennsylvania) to develop this online web resource and associated training materials in collaboration with a statewide Health Care Worker Vaccination Taskforce – a voluntary association of experts brought together by the PADOH to brainstorm how best to improve vaccine uptake among HCWs in Pennsylvania. This task force includes the Hospital and Health System Association of PA (HAP),  the PA Patient Safety Authority, The Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition, PA hospitals and health systems that have achieved near universal vaccination coverage, and other partners.



Questions about this program should be directed to:

Owen Simwale
Influenza Field Surveillance Coordinator
Division of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Pennsylvania Department of Health
625 Foster Street | Room 933
Harrisburg, PA  17120-0701
Phone: 717.787.3350 | Fax: 717.772.6975

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