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Influenza vaccination rates among Health Care Workers (HCWs) in Pennsylvania remain suboptimal (<60%).  The Healthy People 2020 objective is to increase influenza vaccination rates among Health Care Workers to 90% or higher.

Very few hospitals or health care facilities in Pennsylvania have near-universal (>90%) vaccine uptake among HCWs. Beginning in the 2011/12 influenza season, the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PADOH) is spearheading a campaign to promote influenza vaccination among HCWs.

As part of this campaign, 10 regional trainings for hospitals and long term care facilities were conducted across Pennsylvania during June and July 2011 to orient hospital administrators, infection control practitioners, employee health and patient safety practitioners on how to improve seasonal flu vaccination among employees, with a specific focus on the experience of a range of institutions with mandated programs already in place. See training sites and content under the “Training: Jun-Jul 2011″ tab above.

The PADOH – Bureau of Epidemiology engaged the Center for Vaccine Ethics and Policy (CVEP) (University of Pennsylvania) to develop this online web resource and associated training materials in collaboration with a statewide Health Care Worker Vaccination Taskforce – a voluntary association of experts brought together by the PADOH to brainstorm how best to improve vaccine uptake among HCWs in Pennsylvania. This task force includes the Hospital and Health System Association of PA (HAP),  the PA Patient Safety Authority, The Pennsylvania Immunization Coalition, PA hospitals and health systems that have achieved near universal vaccination coverage, and other partners.



Questions about this program should be directed to:

Owen Simwale
Influenza Field Surveillance Coordinator
Division of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Pennsylvania Department of Health
625 Foster Street | Room 933
Harrisburg, PA  17120-0701
Phone: 717.787.3350 | Fax: 717.772.6975

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and Weight Loss

Although diets based on food reduction and more activity in a person’s lifestyle are considered ideal, some also turn to drugs and diet pills to help them lose weight faster and more effectively. One possible option that many turn to is the use of a substance called HCG, or Human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is produced by the body during pregnancy and helps maintain chemicals in females. It has since been suspected that HCG also encourages the rapid breakdown of fat in a low calorie diet instead of disintegrating lean muscle in order to protect the fetus in times of famine or low food availability. HCG has since been studied in several research projects and remains a controversial way to treat obesity and to use as a weight loss solution.

The main side effects and dangers associated with HCG are usually not life threatening. Some users report a headache for the first couple days of taking HCG, which usually passes within a few days. Other side effects may also include the enlargement of breasts in males. This is caused be a hormone imbalance involving testosterone. Body builders will sometimes use HCG to kick start testosterone production, and since testosterone is naturally converted to estrogen, more testosterone means more estrogen, causing enlarged breasts. The same principal applies to weight loss in males using HCG. HCG can also cause multiple pregnancies and over-activity of the ovaries in egg production. Other side effects include hair loss, edema from fluid retention, fatigue, and mood swings.

The benefits of using HCG include faster, easier weight loss, and the ease of use associated with an injection versus something more drastic, like weight loss surgery. Instead of going through an invasion procedure, an injection can be used to reduce body weight. These injections are taken at regular intervals, much like a diabetic taking insulin shots. This is used in correlation with a low calorie diet, and after a few days, hunger subsides and 1-2 pounds can be lost per day.

The main problem that HCG poses to individuals on a weight loss plan is the possibility that HCG doesn’t work at all. Several studies have shown that HCG really has no effect on the weight loss programs of many individuals and is not effective. Rather, it is said that the 500 calorie per day diet is the real secret behind the weight loss, a diet that is unhealthy in and of itself. Health care experts warn against the use of HCG until further testing verifies or discredits the use of the drug. For now, however, it is up to the dieter to use their discretion in the selection of a diet that uses HCG.

Editor's note : I strongly recommend the use of real HCG drops, meaning homeopathic hcg drops and not syntetically created products.

The Different Factors To Consider When Installing A Gas Heating System

A heating unit is one of the most important pieces of equipment to be found in one's home, particularly the properties in colder climates.  It is beneficial in that it increases the temperature in the property to ensure a comfortable interior environment for residents.  This system is generally one of the greatest investments one can make when purchasing home appliances and fixtures; therefore it is vital that the heating unit installed operates effectively.  There are two different types of heating units: the gas system and the electrical system.  This article will provide information on the different points to consider when purchasing and installing a gas heating unit.

1. The Energy Source

Due to the decrease in economic stability, it is imperative that individuals opt for cheaper and more environmentally friendly property fixtures.  Presently, gas and oil options are the most popular energy sources for heating systems as they are eco-friendly and cost-effective.  If the gas heating unit is not available for purchase, it is possible to utilize synthetic energy sourced units operating on propane or LP gases.  As is mentioned above, electricity is a further option; however, this is not as cost-effective or stable as gas heating units.

2. The Cost Of The Heating System

As can be seen from the information above, the cost-effectiveness of the unit is a factor that should be greatly considered.  The cost is often dependent on the energy source used and the size of the unit.  Presently, heating units are available in different sizes and styles and it is necessary for one to consider the size of the home before purchase or installation.  Irrespective of the design or structure, evidence has shown that gas heater installations cost less than electric heating unit installations.  When working on a budget, it may be better to consider purchasing a gas heating unit.

3. The Long-Term Costs

Apart from the initial heating unit purchase and installation costs, it is vital that one consider the long-term cost-effectiveness of the system.  This type of cost will include maintenance of the system, general running costs, and the value of the unit.  It is highly recommended that one consult with professional heating technicians to obtain a valid assessment of the unit and whether or not it is a positive long-term investment.  When seeking out a professional technician, it is recommended that one use reputable services with strong reviews from prior customers.

4. The Distribution System

This is not a factor one generally considers, but it is important to look at the distribution system within the home as it will influence the type of unit installed.  The majority of properties utilize a forced air distribution where the heat is distributed throughout the property via air ducts.  The circulating hot water system will heat the water in a boiler and then circulate it throughout the pipes in one's residence.  The gas heating unit is suitable for both systems and can be installed irrespective of the distribution source.For more info on installations click here – http://www.thegascompany.co.za/products/installations/

Can Garcinia Cambogia Extract Help You Maintain Energy While Losing Weight?

When you are looking to lose weight you sometimes find that you lose your energy more than anything. As you cut foods out of your diet you find that you are lacking in the strength that is needed to get through each day. When you are dieting you might find it hard to get up the motivation to exercise, but if you want to lose weight you know that exercise is important. There is help out there for you, and it comes in many forms. One of the forms that you might choose to try out is garcinia cambogia extract.

Garcinia cambogia is a supplement that can help to increase the energy that you are feeling. This supplement just might give you the motivation that you need to get going. When you are dieting and you need to find a supplement that will help you get moving garcinia cambogia extract might be the right choice for you.

While you are dieting you need to be able to keep your energy up and to continue to move and exercise. Sometimes you need a little help with that. When you need a boost there are supplements out there that can help, including garcinia cambogia and the energizing benefits that it offers.

Types Of Discount Codes

With the increasing prices of goods, people are now searching ways to save their precious money. Some are trying to minimize their expenses while others are looking for cheap things. But what if I tell you that you can buy good quality things that too at cheap price?? Yes, there is way to save your money and that is discount codes.

Wondering what these are?? Well, discount codes are simply discount coupons that are offered by particular dealer to attract customers. Though its initially purpose is to make profit but these are not profitable for the business owner but also for the customers.

This is because, you got chance to buy good quality things in much less price than the original one. Discount codes are available on different websites such as Plusvouchercode.co.uk. We are discussing few common types of discount codes:

Personal discounts – these are the discount codes that are offered to single person and can be used only once.

One off discount – these codes can also be used once but there is a difference i.e. anyone can use them.

Once per account codes – these codes are often provided by the websites to huge number of people. So anyone can use them but only once. Usually these codes are given on account basis. If you have a single account then you can use it once and if you have multiple accounts then you can use it several times. 

The life of a pharmacist

Being a pharmacist isn't only about issuing customers their itemized medicines, but its also about advising physicians and doctors regarding dosages for his or her valuable patients as well as proper drugs. Sometimes, there are pharmacists that are licensed when they are employed by some pharmaceutical company or firm to combine drugs. Below are a few benefits and pitfalls of being a true pharmacist, which can be of immense aid in formulating your final decision in the event you intend to pursue this career.

Pharmacists can hone their profession in a variety of work environments after becoming certified. Although most pharmacists are commonly found working in retail drug stores, they also possess the option to work in a variety of places like nursing homes, colleges and universities, schools, public/private hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. In addition to that, pharmacists can freely choose whether to work part time or full-time. Check out how to become a pharmacist for more information.

Assuming there are people who need drugs, expect the demand for pharmacists will continue to exist and grow. Using the existence of unceasing progress in medical technology and the growing population of the elderly, pharmacist positions will turn into a standard. Consequently, copious job chances for future pharmacists will likely be apparent.

How to Choose an IT Service Provider?

IT service providers have become essential for every small or big business firm. For smooth working one need to solve IT systems issue timely but not any one can handle those issues as it requires some technical knowledge also. There are several companies present in the market which offer professional IT services and choosing the best among them is the task in itself.

Every company roar about being the best IT consultancy services provider but you cannot just believe what they say. There are some crucial factors which one should keep in mind while choosing an IT service company. One should discuss all the aspects and services they offer and all about the business terms. Tell them about the issues arising in the information technology system of the company and what solution you are looking for.

While discussing about the outcome or the solution do it without speaking about software, hardware and specific technologies. The IT service provider you hire should be able to build a link between your wanted solution and technical details of the solution. The professional of IT service Provider Company will visit your company; deal and work with your current staff. They should be patient and supportive so that your company’s staff could easily adjust with them.

Ask the IT firm to submit a written proposal and see if there is any hidden cost which they are planning to charge you with in near future. Compare the proposal of few IT service providers and choose the one which suits your company the best. 

Need extra money during the holidays, but you don’t want to leave your house?

It’s important to feel optimistic about it. Have a positive attitude and keep looking for jobs. This will see you through the difficult phase of preparing and submitting your resumes to different job openings you may come across.

Many people regularly look for reliable Ontario Canada jobs that allow them make money working from home. But can one really find a good chance of making some extra money before oncoming summer or Christmas holidays. Well, it may be difficult to get such jobs, but yes, they are possible.

Whether you can or can’t get an online home based job during holidays, depends mainly on the kind of job you are interested in and the needs of the prospective employer. Some may be lucky to get an interview soon, but it may take very long for others to achieve the same. You can’t be very sure of getting some work to generate some cash during holidays.

First of all you have to determine the kind of job that interests you, keeping in mind your skills and education and where to look for such jobs. There is a plethora of online jobs available across Mississauga and the list of businesses and companies looking for people willing to work from home is very large. Some of the more popular online jobs available are: writing articles, blogging, transcription, translation, customer service, data entry, working as a virtual assistant etc.

It’s important to feel optimistic about it. Have a positive attitude and keep looking for jobs. This will see you through the difficult phase of preparing and submitting your resumes to different job openings you may come across. You need to be persistent in your efforts to enhance your chances of earning money during holidays.

Before you start looking for such jobs, you should be ready with a well-prepared resume and cover letter, which can go a long way in helping you finding a job. Keep in mind to make changes in your resume, depending on the kind of job you may apply for.

You can search for legitimate online Ottawa jobs, allowing you to work from home on appropriate websites, blogs and job boards. It may be worth trying at careerbuilder.com or craigslist.org, using search words like ‘freelancing’ or ‘telecommuting”. You may also register as a member of forums pertaining to work at home jobs and participate in discussions there. You can gain from experiences of others and many others post jobs available with them.

Though it may appear to be quite challenging getting a job during holidays for making some extra money, keep in mind that holiday season is busiest for many businesses and retailers who are looking for some temporary working hands. One shouldn’t miss a good opportunity.

The Best Places to Tie the Knot

Millions of weddings take place every year. There are hundreds of choices to make when planning a wedding: who to invite, what colors to choose, what rings to get, and so many more important decisions. However, out of all of the wedding planning decisions to make, perhaps the most important one is where the wedding is going to take place. There are literally hundreds of venues to choose from. Couples can choose to say their vows in a park, in a church, on the beach, or in a space reserved especially for weddings: a wedding hall.

Wedding Halls

wedding halls are a great choice for couples who want an indoor wedding, but do not want to have it at a church. A wedding hall is a spacious venue that can be modified to accommodate the number of guests at virtually any wedding. Oftentimes wedding halls even offer catering services for the wedding reception. Having a wedding at a wedding hall can also make things easier for guests. It can serve as an all-in-one venue for both the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception, so that guests will not have to locate two different venues. Overall, a wedding hall is a great venue choice for the big day. Its spaciousness, the variety of services offered, and the convenience of its accommodations make these venues one of the top choices of couples everywhere.

How Can Diatomaceous Earth Benefit Your hair & bones?

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural product which is made from fossils of microscopic plant known as phytoplankton. Phytoplankton’s are also known by the name diatoms. These plants go through a number of processes and converted into DE. The end product, diatomaceous earth consists of 84% silica approximately. Scientists and researchers have found that silica is very important for human existence. To find out more about diatomaceous earth and silica, you can read review of diatomaceous earth online.

One of the many health benefits of diatomaceous earth is that it controls the blood pressure and minimizes the cholesterol levels. Silica present in diatomaceous earth is important for healthy bones. People who suffer from joint problems find diatomaceous earth very effective. DE has a self healing mechanism that can help you to stay healthy.

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are effectively reduced through diatomaceous earth. Silica can also be very effective for the skin since it helps in the cell re-growth process. If you are sick of loose skin and facial lines then you must start eating diatomaceous earth today!

Silica is also great for hair. So, diatomaceous earth could do wonders for hair by making the roots healthy and powerful. According to reviews, diatomaceous earth is a complete and healthy food that will keep you and our family healthy.

Cooking Preparation Techniques For All

Would you agree with me that everyone loves food? That is why cooking is a very well sought after skill. Learn how to improve your cooking skills with these tips.

When you are deep frying any foods, you should hold them with tongs just below the oil surface for a few seconds before releasing them. This will form an exterior coating for your food and prevent them from sticking to other foods that you are frying.

Need more inspiration for your paleo meals? Refer to the paleo grubs recipes book for more ideas today.

Blunt knives are not only hard to cut things with, it can hurt you as well. Therefore, it is important for you to sharpen your knives if they are blunt before you begin to cook your meal. Preparation is the key when it comes to cooking.

If you conscious about your calorie consumption, replace the mayonnaise dress for your salads with Greek yogurt. 

To make a tasty egg sandwich, you should spread the butter from end to end of the bread.  Do not just lump it in the middle of your bread. Each bite of your sandwich should be flavourful if you don’t do this.

Take advantage of what you have learnt here to make your dishes taste better today.